Above Ground Concrete Storm Shelters

We have partnered with Vaughn Concrete Products, Inc. to offer you the highest quality in Precast Concrete Storm Shelters.

Features include:

  • Durable, above ground precast concrete shelters withstand high impacts – watch the impact testing video here!
  • Vents with removable deflector covers to help protect against flying debris
  • Door Lifter Escape Bar allows you to easily remove the door in the case of blockage caused by debris
  • Can be made wheelchair accessible
  • Able to hold anywhere from 6 to 34 people!

Each shelter will have a copy of its GPS location and installation certificate registered with the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA).  It is suggested that you provide a copy of this certificate to your local emergency management personnel so they can quickly find you after a storm event.

Global Storm Shelters | Above Ground Shelters | Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas

Global Storm Shelters provides service to clients in all 50 states and internationally.

Why Vaughn Concrete only recommends Above Ground Shelters…

“We have chosen to only recommend Above Ground Shelters for several reasons.

  • Shelters are only good if you can get into them safely, below ground shelters typically require stairs and hatches.
  • Hatches are always hard to lift without them falling; imagine how hard it would be in extreme wind and rain.
  • Stairs are difficult when dry. They can get wet and slippery and can be dangerous during a storm event; making it difficult to get into a shelter. We all face challenges as we get older and stairs become a hazard for all of us.

We suggest our Above Ground Shelters for the safety of your entire family.”

Concrete Storm Shelters | Global Storm Shelters | Iowa Nebraska Missouri Kansas
Concrete Storm Shelters | Global Storm Shelters | Iowa Nebraska Missouri Kansas

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