Global Storm Shelter Installation and Preparation

Installation of your new shelter can be completed in just a few hours. To help us serve you more efficiently, please read over and have the following information available to you before contacting us.  Click here for a printable version of Preparing For Your Global Storm Shelter.

Preparing For Your Global Storm Shelter Installation

  • Have an idea of where you would like the shelter placed. In the yard? In the home? In the basement or garage?  Typically, 80% of shelters are installed in an existing structure with a concrete floor, like the garage.
  • If the shelter will be installed in an existing garage, we will need to certify that the existing concrete meets our installation standards for thickness, area, and integrity before we place the shelter. It’s a simple process that we are happy to walk you through.
  • If the shelter will be installed on an independent concrete slab (pre-fabricated above ground) outside the home, there must be adequate space to accommodate the slab and shelter. Generally, the slab will need to be poured approximately 2 feet wider and longer than the shelter. We would also want to locate any utility and water lines or laterals as well as septic systems if applicable. Heavy equipment is often used to move shelters.
  • If you are interested in an in-ground shelter, the property will need to be searched for utility lines such as gas, electrical, phone, etc., as excavation is required. Also knowing your precise water table is important with in-ground shelters. We want to make sure the shelter won’t freeze or flood!
  • If you are located within city limits, be sure to contact your local municipality to check if there are any building codes associated with installing a shelter. Some cities have regulations.

Will You Be Prepared?

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