Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  How do Global Storm Shelters exceed FEMA recommended standards?

A.  Global Storm Shelters above ground steel shelters use anchor bolts every twelve inches and depending on the size of the shelter that’s a minimum of 10.  FEMA recommends one in each corner. Our shelters meet or exceed the recommendations for FEMA storm shelters.

Q.  What is a rated Shelter?

A.  A rated shelter is engineered to meet or exceed wind and debris damage from an EF-5 tornado or hurricane.

Q.  How are Shelters rated?

A.  Shelters are rated by the (NSSA) National Storm Shelter Association located at Texas Tech University. The NSSA tests and rates the engineered shelters in a pass / fail testing facility. Shelters that meet or exceed FEMA standards are quality verified by the NSSA before the shelters are permitted to display the NSSA seal. See the NSSA website for more information. Our shelters meet or exceed the recommendations for FEMA storm shelters.

Q.  How are the shelters warranted?

A.  All of our manufacturers are NSSA quality approved and carry a limited 20-year warrantee. If the shelter receives storm related damage it is inspected and in cases where damage exceeds FEMA standards the shelter is replace free of charge.

Q.  How long does it take to get a shelter when it is ordered?

A.  In most cases, we have shelters in inventory. If not, once ordered a shelter typically takes 4 to 6 weeks to manufacture and then deliver.

Q.  What does the shelter set on? How do you connect it so we’re safe?

A.  An above ground shelter, whether a prefabricated, (welded) or a bolt together, (paneled) require a minimum of 4” of reinforced concrete to set on. The concrete must be without cracks and must have either rebar or wire mesh as its reinforcement. Once set in place, the shelter is bolted down with anchor bolts that secure it in place.

Q.  What if I want to move? Can I buy another shelter for my new home or take my existing shelter with me?

A.  We provide our customers with NSSA quality shelters.  They are NSSA quality verified. That means it is recognized by the National Realtors Association and adds value to your home. In some cases we’ve seen clients take their shelter with them to their new home. Shelters act as protection from a storm as well as protection from intruders.

Q.  Once my shelter has been installed in the basement; can I also put my valuables in it so they will be safe?

A.  Yes you can, but you also have to keep in mind that some basements due to the dampness causing moisture can damage to some valuables.

Q.  Does the shelter have air vents?

A.  Yes they do.

Q.  Do I have to pay in full when I order my shelter?

A.  No, you do have to put half down before we can put the order in for your shelter to begin built then the other half will be due when we install your shelter.

Q.  Does it cost to have a site visit?

A.  No, we waive the site visit fee.


Q.  What states does Global Storm Shelters provide service to?

A.  Global Storm Shelters provides safe rooms and storm shelters in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas and the remaining 46 states.  We also provide service internationally!



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