Protecting America One Home At A Time

Global Storm Shelters became a growing company out of necessity.  Providing new construction in rural communities to replace aging structures.  Our moto: “Rebuilding Rural America one home at a time” meant that efficiency, quality and new building codes under ICC-500 NSSA would soon lead toward the development of secure structures and the incorporation of storm shelters into building plans.

Taking the approach that these protective rooms were the wave of the future, we began developing, selling and manufacturing shelters that are quality verified by the National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA).  Residential, commercial and community shelters in concrete and/or steel are our claim to fame!  We pride ourselves on offering certified, ballistic resistant, EF-5 quality verified storm shelters and safe rooms.

Future projects for Global Storm Shelters includes selling our shelters to:

Global Storm Shelters | Above Ground Shelters | Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas


Global Storm Shelters | NSSA Approved | Iowa Nebraska Kansas Missouri

Global Storm Shelters | 84 Lumber | Iowa Nebraska Kansas Missouri


Global Storm Shelters | Vaughn Concrete Products, Inc. | Iowa Nebraska Kansas Missouri